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Shin Shin Ramen

You will find a solid bowl of classic Hakata style ramen at Shin Shin.

Ramen Uroko in Osaka

If you are in Osaka craving ramen find this place and don't skip the gyoza either.

Ramen at Motenashi Kuroki

Akihabara is where you will find electronic goods, pachinko mazes, maid cafes, cosplayers and a delicious bowl of shio ramen.

Bites at Pho Tau Bay

If you have worked your way through the NOLA culinary oeuvre of beignets, po boys, gumbo and cajun food give Pho Tau Bay a try.

Pho from Cơm Tấm Ninh Kiều

Cơm Tấm Ninh Kiều sits right off the 4 line in the Bronx. It serves up Vietnamese fare including the popular American menu item pho.
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