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March 15, 2017

Ramen Theater from Mengekijo Genei
Fukuoka, Japan

Hakata style ramen from Shin Shin | Fukuoka, Japan
Mengekijo Genei Ramen on a rainy day | Fukuoka, Japan

Mengekijo Genei boasts noodles made on premises, its own brewed soy sauce and no MSG. The tonkotsu bowl had a rich broth but was still light. The lightness must be a hard thing to pull off when you are making a broth from pork products. The attention given to the noodles, soy sauce and lack of MSG probably helps support a really nice, clean soup.

Mengekijo Genei Ramen on a rainy day | Fukuoka, Japan3

1. Bowl of tonkotsu ramen | Broth was light and not too salty
2. Ramen shack | Inside you will find seating akin to a theater with the ramen master on stage
3. Ramen on a rainy day | No better weather for a warm bowl of noodles

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