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February 27, 2017

Shio Ramen at Uroko
Osaka, Japan

Shio ramen at Uroko | Osaka, Japan
Gyoza at Uroko | Osaka, Japan

I have enjoyed many a bowl of ramen so it can take a little twist on the recipe or some outstanding broth to make a huge impression. The light broth, the perfect mix of toppings and the (green peppercorn?) sauce available tableside came together perfectly. This bowl will go down as one of my favorites in Japan along with Afuri and Matador. If you are in Osaka find this place and don't skip the gyoza either.

Shio ramen at Uroko | Osaka, Japan3

1. Shio ramen from Uroko | Topped with generous amounts of roasted pork, bonito flakes, soy egg and daikon radish sprouts
2. Pork Gyoza
3. Ramen Uroko | Steps from the Nishinakajimaminamigata station in Osaka

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