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November 9, 2015

Three Spots for
Delicious Mexican Bites

Los Angeles, California

My quest for great Mexican food really intensified once I moved from San Francisco to New York. New York has always been short on good options so that's why when I went to Los Angeles I made sure to mine for some taqueria gems. Tire Shop Taqueria, Mariscos Jalisco and Mexicali all fit the bill.

Tacos and tostada at Tire Shop Taqueria | Los Angeles, California1

1. Best four dollar meal ever at Tire Shop Taqueria | Pastor taco, chorizo taco and chorizo tostada


Ceviche tostada at Mariscos Jalisco | Los Angeles, California2
Tacos de camaron at Mariscos Jalisco | Los Angeles, California3
The Mariscos Jalisco Truck | Los Angeles, California4

2. Ceviche and avocado tostada
3. Taco de camaron
4. The Mariscos Jalisco Truck


Shrimp taco at Mexicali | Los Angeles, California5
Chorizo cachetada at Mexicali | Los Angeles, California6
Mexicali Restaurant| Los Angeles, California7

5. Shrimp Taco
6. Chorizo tostada
7. Great eats at Mexicali

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