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November 1, 2015

New York, New York

Seafood pozole at Coppelia | New York, New York1
Chicken empanada at Coppelia | New York, New York2
Moros at Coppelia | New York, New York3

Coppelia is one of my local staples for amazing Cuban/Latin fare. Their soup of the day rotates and is always good. I order it blindly. On this particular day a seafood pozole was on special. You may also catch a spicy chorizo and lentil or spicy seafood stew. And an empanada and moros side is a requisite companion to the bowl.

1. Bowl of the soup of the day | Seafood pozole
2. Chicken empanada | Crust is light and flaky and the chicken moist
3. Moros | A mixture of white rice and black beans

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