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August 28, 2016

Ace Hotel New Orleans:
The View from Room 808

New Orleans, Louisiana

Room 808's sleeping area at the Ace Hotel | New Orleans, Louisiana1
Room 808's sitting area at the Ace Hotel | New Orleans, Louisiana2
Room 808's bathroom at the Ace Hotel | New Orleans, Louisiana3

My deluxe room on the eighth floor of the Ace Hotel was HUGE. This is also coming from a New Yorker. Our sense of scale when it comes to living quarters can be a bit skewed. The room was airy and butch in the decor department. It felt a bit like my own apartment right in the heart of the CBD District. And the friendly, young, cool staff were very helpful.

Room 808 at Ace Hotel | New Orleans, Louisiana4
Room 808 coffee table zines | New Orleans, Louisiana5
The view from room 808 at Ace Hotel| New Orleans, Louisiana6

1. Bedroom and sitting area
2. Sitting area
3. Bathroom
4. Room 808 entry
5. Zine room reading
6. The view from room 808

Around The Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel lobby bar | New Orleans, Louisiana7
Rooftop pool at the Ace Hotel | New Orleans, Louisiana8
Ace Hotel signage | New Orleans,, Louisiana9

The Ace Hotel New Orleans is located in the old Art Deco Building. The ground floor has a lovely restaurant, two bars, a lounge area with plenty of comfy seating and a cafe serving Stumptown beans. The gym should meet most needs and has natural light which is rare for most hotel gyms. There is also a pool and bar on the rooftop if you want to take a dip and a sip during your stay.

7. The beautiful first floor bar
8. Rooftop pool
9. Hotel signage

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