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Shio Ramen At Uroko | Osaka, Japan

Ramen Uroko in Osaka

If you are in Osaka craving ramen find this place and don't skip the gyoza either.
Okonomiyaki At Fukutaro | Osaka, Japan

Okonomiyaki at Fukutaro

An eggy pancake loaded with cabbage and in this case thinly sliced pork belly, prawns and octopus.
The Bar At St. Regis | Osaka, Japan

The Bar at St. Regis in Osaka

Ducked into the St. Regis bar for a beer and some snacks. It was a good and comfortable break from running around Osaka.
Bowl Of Classic Tonkotsu At Ichiran | Osaka, Japan

Ramen at Ichiran in Dotonburi

Enjoy the little private booth you sit in with the red light which made the whole experience feel a little seedy in a good way.
In Osaka | Osaka, Japan

In Osaka

It's me hamming it up in my hotel in Osaka.
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