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Ramen Uroko In Osaka

Ramen Uroko in Osaka

If you are in Osaka craving ramen find this place and don't skip the gyoza either.
Okonomiyaki At Fukutaro

Okonomiyaki at Fukutaro

An eggy pancake loaded with cabbage and in this case thinly sliced pork belly, prawns and octopus.
The Bar At St. Regis In Osaka

The Bar at St. Regis in Osaka

Ducked into the St. Regis bar for a beer and some snacks. It was a good and comfortable break from running around Osaka.
Ramen At Ichiran In Dotonburi

Ramen at Ichiran in Dotonburi

Enjoy the little private booth you sit in with the red light which made the whole experience feel a little seedy in a good way.
In Osaka

In Osaka

It's me hamming it up in my hotel in Osaka.
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