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March 16, 2016

Killiney and Tic Toc at SIN Airport

Changi Airport offers a huge range of services, shopping, entertainment and various other cool ways to burn time. Maybe more than any other airport in the world. My flight was at some predawn hour so all I really got to enjoy was a few snacks before boarding. Still cool to swing through and grab a last couple of Singaporean snacks though. Keep your eyes peeled for these ...

Impressive displays from SIN Airport | Singapore
Impressive displays from SIN Airport | Singapore
Kaya toast from Killiney at SIN Airport | Singapore1
Killiney at SIN Airport | Singapore2

1. Kaya toast | Sweet and toasty Malay snack
2. Killiney | Your source for Kaya toast at SIN Airport

Curry puff from Tic Toc at SIN Airport | Singapore3
Curry puffs and snacks at Tic Toc in SIN Airport | Singapore4

3. Curry puff on the quick | Pastry filled with meat, potato, curry, spices and whole egg
4. Tic Toc | Good range of snacks and bites to take with you on your flight

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