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July 26, 2016

Franklin Barbecue
Austin, Texas

Franklin Barbecue | Austin, Texas1
The queue at Franklin Barbecue | Austin, Texas2

I was hesitant to come because of the famously long wait. It didn't end up being too bad even though I was in line for over three hours. Thankfully Franklin's provides lawn chairs, umbrellas and refreshments for purchase while you wait. They also provide tasty barbecue. Standouts for me were the brisket, sausage link and the cold and creamy potato salad.

The queue at Franklin Barbecue | Austin, Texas3

1. Tray of goodness | Brisket, rib, link and pulled pork with potato salad, beans and pickles
2. End of the three hour queue
3. The famous queue | Bring a 6 pack, a snack or grab a cold one from Franklin's line waiter

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