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March 7, 2016

Prawn Mee at Blanco Court

Prawn mee at Blanco Court | Singapore1
Prawn mee at Blanco Court | Singapore2

Blanco Court is next to the Sultan Mosque and is where I had an early breakfast two of the mornings in Singapore. I had prawn noodles each time, once with the shell on and once with the shell off. The broth was light, sweet and full of prawn flavor. The noodles were eggy and had a nice bite to them. Will definitely return on my next visit.

Prawn mee at Blanco Court | Singapore3

1. #7 Prawn Noodle | Prawns come unshelled
2. #6 Sliced Prawn Noodle | Good amount of shelled shrimp ready to eat
3. Entrance to Blanco Court

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