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January 11, 2016

Daiwa Sushi
Tokyo, Japan

Sushi with a smile at Daiwa Sushi | Tokyo, Japan1
Fresh tuna for breakfast at Daiwa Sushi | Tokyo, Japan2

Tsukiji FIsh Market has become an early morning tradition when I return to Tokyo. The market provides a scene that is congruent with my jet lag. On this visit to the market I visited Sushi Dai's less busy neighbor, Daiwa Sushi. I gorged on a small omakase that included uni and maguro - both being parts of a balanced breakfast.

Uni: part of a complete breakfast - Sushi Daiwa | Tokyo, Japan3

1. Sushi with a smile
2. Maguro | That is Japanese speak for tuna
3. Uni | Part of a complete breakfast

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