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Cam Ranh Airport | Cam Ranh, Vietnam

Ad Coffee in CXR Airport

On my way back through Cam Ranh airport I stopped off for an iced coffee at Ad Coffee. You can't miss it - it's right before the security check point.
Vietnamese Iced Coffee At Amanoi | Vinh Hy, Vietnam

Vietnamese Food of Vinh Hy’s Amanoi

The food of the Vinh Hy Amanoi is super fresh, delicious and the menus have a nice sampling of many of Vietnam's more popular dishes. A few from my stay below.
Village Of Vinh Hy | Vinh Hy, Vietnam

Village of Vinh Hy

Down the hill from Amanoi resort and on the bay is the small fishing village of Vinh Hy. It's tiny and bathed in a beautiful array of bright color.
Pho At SGN Airport | Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Pho and Iced Coffee in SGN Airport

On a layover at Ho Chi Minh Airport I stopped into the Big Bowl at the Terminal 2 food court for my last pho and iced coffee on Vietnamese soil.
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