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Ad Coffee In CXR Airport

Ad Coffee in CXR Airport

On my way back through Cam Ranh airport I stopped off for an iced coffee at Ad Coffee. You can't miss it - it's right before the security check point.
Vietnamese Food Of Vinh Hy’s Amanoi

Vietnamese Food of Vinh Hy’s Amanoi

The food of the Vinh Hy Amanoi is super fresh, delicious and the menus have a nice sampling of many of Vietnam's more popular dishes. A few from my stay below.
Village Of Vinh Hy

Village of Vinh Hy

Down the hill from Amanoi resort and on the bay is the small fishing village of Vinh Hy. It's tiny and bathed in a beautiful array of bright color.
Pho And Iced Coffee In SGN Airport

Pho and Iced Coffee in SGN Airport

On a layover at Ho Chi Minh Airport I stopped into the Big Bowl at the Terminal 2 food court for my last pho and iced coffee on Vietnamese soil.
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