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The Deathfest Masses

The Deathfest Masses

The masses gathered, crowdsurfed, headbanged and moshed to 100+ bands at this year's Deathfest.
Battle Jackets At Maryland Deathfest

Battle Jackets

A survey of battle jackets I spotted at Maryland Deathfest 2014

Larry Levan Way

A block party was thrown to honor and remember the legendary pioneering DJ and producer Larry Levan.
Valparaiso Colors

Colors of Valparaiso

Valparaiso has it’s rough and more run-down areas but on just about any walk the colors of the city really shine.
Valparaiso Street Murals

Valparaiso Street Murals

I did not expect to see as much street art as I did in Valparaiso. The whole city is a canvas displaying the highest caliber of graffiti and murals.
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