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November 20, 2015

The Bronx and Miami
via Detroit

Detroit, Michigan

The Old Miami | Detroit, Michigan1
The Old Miami | Detroit, Michigan2

Thirsty? Good. Take a walk through Midtown Detroit and there are loads of great places to drink. My lumber took me to dives Bronx Bar and The Old Miami. A night cap happened at Garden Bowl too - grab a lane if you are still upright and a slice at Sargent Pepperoni's if you need to sponge up some booze.

The Bronx Bar | Detroit, Michigan3
The Bronx Bar | Detroit, Michigan4

1. The Old Miami | Established as a veteran's bar but is also an important spot for Detroit's underground music.
2. The bar at The Old Miami | Covered in MIA and other veteran memorabilia.
3. Bronx Bar | A solid dive with a good juke box and drink specials.
4. Fully stocked at The Bronx

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