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September 11, 2016

Tacos and Totopos at Taquiza
Miami, Florida

Tacos at Taquiza | Miami, Florida1
Cricket taco at Tequila | Miami, Florida2

You are in Miami Beach and you need a quick, casual place to grab some really tasty tacos? Go here. The meat, freshly made blue masa tortillas and their salsas will satisfy. And don't stop at the tacos. Make sure to order totopos which are blue masa chips that come crispy and fluffy.

Totopos from Taquiza | Miami, Florida3
Taquiza taqueria | Miami, Florida4

1. Tacos, top to bottom | Pollo, camaron, al pastor and chorizo
2. Taco con chapulines | Chili toasted grasshoppers with avocado
3. Totopos | Hand torn masa chips
4. Taquiza taqueria

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