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January 26, 2016

Ramen Sen No Kaze
Kyoto, Japan

Yamato Pirikara Miso Ramen at Ramen Sen No Kaze | Kyoto, Japan1
Pork gyoza and cabbage slaw to accompany my ramen | Kyoto, Japan2

This is a great joint for ramen. I ordered the dinner set which came with a bowl of spicy ramen, pork gyoza, cabbage slaw and a carafe of sake. My favorite part was the pork chashu in the ramen. Before they dunked the slices into the bowl they seared them so they had a nice crisp on the outside but were still juicy inside. Wish more ramen places did this.

Ramen Sen No Kaze | Kyoto, Japan3

1. Yamato Pirikara Miso Ramen | On the spicy side and the pork chashu was delicious
2. Pork gyoza and a cabbage slaw
3. Ramen Sen No Kaze

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