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February 8, 2016

Nishin Soba at
Honke Owariya

Kyoto, Japan

Nishin soba at Honke Owariya | Kyoto, Japan1

Honke Owariya has been in business since 1465. It was originally opened as a confection shop but over time started with more offerings. The nishin soba was delicious: the herring was sweet and tender from it's marinade and it rested in a bowl atop some realy nice soba and a light, slightly sweet broth. The fish cakes were nice too.

Honke Owariya | Kyoto, Japan2
Fish cakes at Honke Owariya | Kyoto, Japan3

1. Nishin soba | Sweet herring, soba and a light, clean broth
2. Honke Owariya facade | Established 1465
3. Fish cakes

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