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November 10, 2015

Mai Tais and Whiskey in L.A.
Los Angeles, California

Frolic Room | Los Angeles, California1
Jones Hollywood | Los Angeles, California2

Five bars. Two in Hollywood. Two in Los Feliz. And one you cannot miss. All of them good. Great, actually. Easy enough to hit them all in a night. Harder for me was to choose between Whiskey Lane or Mai Tai Highway to cruise on that night. I swerved a little ...

Good Luck Bar | Los Angeles, California3
Mai Tais at Tiki Ti | Los Angels, California4

1. Frolic Room | It's divey, no fuss and it has a great jukebox and sound system. Yes.
2. Jones Hollywood | Arrive early and hide out at the bar in the back and watch the place come alive.
3. Good Luck Bar | Seedy, red lit den serving fruity, tropical drinks.
4. Tiki Ti | Because it's a Hawaiian decorated dive serving tiki beverages!
*** And do not forget to visit ... Jumbo's Clown Room. No photos allowed.

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