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January 23, 2016

Eating up Nishiki Market
Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto style sushi at Iyomata | Kyoto, Japan1
Octopus with quail egg in it's head | Kyoto, Japan2

Nishiki Market has lots of edible things to enjoy: oysters, local pickles, candied, dried shellfish. I opted instead to drive my way through Kyoto style sushi, soy milk donuts and tentacles on a stick.

Soymilk donuts at Kon-na Monja | Kyoto, Japan3
Fish vendor at Nishiki Market | Kyoto, Japan4

1. Kyoto style sushi | At Iyomata
2. Octopus on a stick | With a hard cooked quail egg in it's head (honestly, not my favorite)
3. Soymilk Donuts | At Kon-na Monja
4. Fish vendor of Nishiki Market

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