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Kyoto Style Sushi At Iyomata | Kyoto, Japan

Eating up Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market has lots of edible things to enjoy: oysters, local pickles, candied, dried shellfish.
Fresh Tuna For Breakfast At Daiwa Sushi | Tokyo, Japan

Sushi Daiwa

I gorged on a small omakase that included uni and maguro - both being parts of a balanced breakfast.
Onion Soup At Balthazar | New York, New York

Onion Soup at Balthazar

Just what the I needed to combat the colder weather: A bowl filled with sweet onion and gruyere goodness.
Coney Island Dog At American Coney Island | Detroit, Michigan

American Coney Island

Coney Island style restaurants are definitely a thing in Detroit. Chose American Coney Island to get mine.
Tacos At Taqueria El Rey | Detroit, Michigan

Taqueria El Rey

I love taquerias and El Rey is great. My favorite was the chorizo taco.
Pepperoni Pizza At Supino's | Detroit, Michigan

Supino’s Pizza

So good I wolfed down the entire 12-inch thin crust pie in one sitting.
Tacos At Taqueria Lupitas | Detroit, Michigan

Taqueria Lupitas

There is a lot of Mexican food in Detroit so when I came I had to find some tacos.
Descent Into LAX | Los Angeles, California

Kogi at LAX Airport

I have been hearing about Roy Choi's korean tacos for a long time now but didn't think I would be going to his truck in an airport.
Sheng Jian Bao At Kang Kang Food Court | Los Angeles, California

Dumpling Crawl in San Gabriel Valley

I only made it to three restaurants because I was so full. But my gut's impossible expansion was an acceptable side effect given how delicious it all was.
Seafood Pozole At Coppelia | New York, New York


Coppelia is one of my local staples for amazing Cuban/Latin fare. Their soup of the day rotates and is always good. I order it blindly.
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