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Mastodonte | Valparaiso, Chile


The place is cool. Decorated with busts of prehistoric animals and Jurassic-type vegetation.
Panchito | Valparaiso, Chile


Another take on the Lomito Italiano at Panchito in Valparaiso.
Guria | Valparaiso, Chile


I was on my way to Empanadas Famosas when Guria caught my eye.
Galindo | Santiago, Chile


Galindo is a laid back and casual spot to try out traditional Chilean food.
Hogs Salchicheria | Santiago, Chile

Hogs Salchicheria

Salchichas (aka hot dogs) are what’s happening here and you get to choose from a variety of tubes to dress up the way you want to.
Liguria. Santiago, Chile


A Chilean bistro with great ambience and good food. I had the chicken al pil pil which is a hot bowl of chicken with a light broth. Bread and salsa was served to start.
Mercado Central. Santiago, Chile

Mercado Central

El Mercado Central is largely a place to find fresh seafood but meat, cheese, bread and pastry shops can also be found.
Cafe Haiti

Cafe Haiti

I had a cortada doble at Cafe Haiti. This fine establishment is a part of the coffee culture in Santiago known as “coffee with legs” or “cafe con piernas”.
El Farolito

El Farolito

El Farolito is a must each time I visit San Francisco.
Puerto Alegre | San Francisco, California

Puerto Alegre

When I swing through San Francisco I have to grab a combination plate or the tacos especiales at this classic Mexican restaurant in the center of the Mission district.
Eisenberg’s Sandwich | Manhattan, New York

Eisenberg’s Sandwich

Grab a seat at the bar to be close to all the action in the kitchen and to take in the original decor dating back to 1929.
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