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Cathay Pacific | In The Air

Cathay Pacific

I am mildly obsessed with airline meals - aka space food. Economy meals are not usually much to think about but this breakfast...
Spicy Paitan Ramen At Totto Ramen | New York, New York

Spicy Paitan Ramen at Totto Ramen

Had a delicious bowl of ramen at Totto ramen. The spicy paitan ramen included pork belly, sprouts, egg, scallion and nori with a spicy chili oil brought on the side.
French Fry Coated Corn Dog | Seoul, South Korea

Seoul Street Food

The South Korean take on street food (including snacks adopted from America) is playful and always packed with a lot flavor.
Sushi Kyoatsu | Narita, Japan

Sushi Kyoatsu in NRT Airport

"Last place to enjoy good sushi and good sake before you leave". While I didn't sample the sake I can say the sushi was great.
Ramen At Afuri | Tokyo, Japan

Ramen at Afuri

For lunch a bowl of Afuri's Yuzu Ramen made with a tanrei broth. Light and refreshing.
Ippudo Ebisu | Tokyo, Japan

Ippudo Ramen

Lucky to have an Ippudo back at home but had to make a visit to one in Tokyo. Just off the Ebisu station I stopped in and had a bowl.
Ivan Ramen | Tokyo, Japan

Ivan Ramen

Paid my money at the vending machine, brought my ticket inside, found a stool at the bar and enjoyed a bowl of ramen.
Gindaco Takoyaki | Tokyo, Japan

Takoyaki at Gindaco

In Kabukicho on my way to Robot Restaurant I stopped off for a beer and a takoyaki snack at Gindaco.
Tsukemen At Rokurinsha | Tokyo, Japan

Tsukemen at Rokurinsha

You can find this bowl of cooled noodles in the lower level of Tokyo Station on what is called "Tokyo Ramen Street".
Sushi Dai | Tokyo, Japan

Sushi Dai

Sushi Dai is located in the Tsukiji Fish Market. It is very popular with locals and tourists even early in the day.
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