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Around Charleston | Charleston, South Carolina

Around Charleston

Walking around the downtown Charleston there will be no shortage of charm.
Todai Ji | Nara, Japan

Feeling Small at Todai-Ji

Todai-Ji houses the largest bronze statue of Buddha Vairocana along with two towering statues of Bishamonten and Komokuten.
Winter In Isuien Garden | Nara, Japan

Winter in Isuien Garden

A beautiful stroll complete with pagoda, central pond with two islands and stone paths through moss and streams.
Blossoms Blooming In Nara | Nara, Japan

Blossoms Blooming in Nara

I thought that I might have arrived in Japan a bit early to see some of the famous blossoms in bloom...
Globally Inspired Cafe

Getting Googie in LA

Keep your eyes peeled for examples of Googie architecture as you cruise through Los Angeles.
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