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February 5, 2016

Udon at Yamamoto Menzo
Kyoto, Japan

Original noodles at Yamamoto Menzo | Kyoto, Japan1

I knew there would be a wait but this might be the longest I have ever queued for soup. I think it took close to an hour to be sat. It is a small restaurant that is extremely popular. The bowl was filled with gummy udon, two very chewy, deep-fried rice cakes, a raw egg and served with a side of tempura fried haddock sticks. There were lots of crazy texture things happening between everything. My favorite part would have to be the broth though. The tomato like broth was spicy and light-unlike any other base I have tried.

Yamamoto Menzo | Kyoto, Japan2
The huge line at Yamamoto Menzo | Kyoto, Japan2

1. "Original Noodles" | Gummy bits, spicy broth and crunchy tempura sticks
2. Yamamoto Menzo | Exterior of this little noodle shop
3. Longest soup line ever

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