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February 14, 2016

Sushi at Harukoma
Osaka, Japan

Harukoma | Osaka, Japan 1
The counter seats at Harukoma | Osaka, Japan 2

You may have to queue for a bit but the sushi is worth it. Don't tend to be too much of a snob about sushi and I am sure there are other places that blow this one away but I enjoyed everything. All really delicious, the atmosphere is fun and the staff is very welcoming.

Raw shrimp, tuna and crab leg sushi at Harukoma | Osaka, Japan 3
Uni and eel sushi at Harukoma | Osaka, Japan 4

1. Harukoma storefront
2. Counter seats at Harukoma
3. Tuna, raw shrimp and crab leg sushi
4. Their "special" eel and uni sushi | Eel melted in my mouth

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