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February 16, 2016

Ramen at Ichiran in Dotonburi
Osaka, Japan

Bowl of classic tonkotsu at Ichiran | Osaka, Japan 1

I didn't have high expectations for some reason walking in but the ramen was really good. It had a good amount of salt, the broth was just rich enough and they serve pork loin instead of the normal chashu. Make sure you add the house's spicy red sauce for a little extra heat kick. And enjoy the little private booth you sit in with the red light which made the whole experience feel a little seedy in a good way.

Choose your private booth to slurp | Osaka, Japan 2
Private eating booth | Osaka, Japan 3

1. Classic bowl of tonkotsu | Delicious too ... add their "Original Red Sauce"
2. Row of private booths to slurp | Waiters appeared through screens in each booth to deliver your meal
3. One of the booths to get your ramen on

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