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Spicy Paitan Ramen At Totto Ramen | New York, New York

Spicy Paitan Ramen at Totto Ramen

Had a delicious bowl of ramen at Totto ramen. The spicy paitan ramen included pork belly, sprouts, egg, scallion and nori with a spicy chili oil brought on the side.
Ramen At Afuri | Tokyo, Japan

Ramen at Afuri

For lunch a bowl of Afuri's Yuzu Ramen made with a tanrei broth. Light and refreshing.
Ippudo Ebisu | Tokyo, Japan

Ippudo Ramen

Lucky to have an Ippudo back at home but had to make a visit to one in Tokyo. Just off the Ebisu station I stopped in and had a bowl.
Ivan Ramen | Tokyo, Japan

Ivan Ramen

Paid my money at the vending machine, brought my ticket inside, found a stool at the bar and enjoyed a bowl of ramen.
2nd Ave. Deli | New York, New York

2nd Ave Deli

I had a craving for matzoh ball soup and latkes so I used that as an excuse to finally visit 2nd Ave. Deli.
Ivan Ramen | New York, New York

Ivan Ramen

The first visit I didn't hesitate to order the Spicy Red Chili Ramen and the Chinese Greens & Garlic - hot, spicy, cool and sweet.
El 300 Del Born

El 300 del Born

Papas bravas and escudella of the ciutadella at El 300 del Born in the cultural center of El Born district in Barcelona.
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