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Galindo | Santiago, Chile


Galindo is a laid back and casual spot to try out traditional Chilean food.
Cementerio General | Santiago, Chile

Cementerio General

Cemeteries are one of my favorite places to visit when traveling through new cities. A cemetery gives a great window into a culture and a people.
Hogs Salchicheria | Santiago, Chile

Hogs Salchicheria

Salchichas (aka hot dogs) are what’s happening here and you get to choose from a variety of tubes to dress up the way you want to.
El Terremoto, La Piojera

La Piojera

This is one tough dive bar or maybe it just happened to be at the moment I swung through. It’s for locals and locals that like to drink – namely, El Terremoto, The Earthquake.
Liguria. Santiago, Chile


A Chilean bistro with great ambience and good food. I had the chicken al pil pil which is a hot bowl of chicken with a light broth. Bread and salsa was served to start.
Mercado Central. Santiago, Chile

Mercado Central

El Mercado Central is largely a place to find fresh seafood but meat, cheese, bread and pastry shops can also be found.
Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

A neoclassical structure where I got to see exhibitions by Chilean artists and where I discovered the photography of Sergio Larraine.
Bar Berri, Santiago, Chile

Bar Berri

I stumbled on Bar Berri. The downstairs area is cozy but the bartender tipped me off to the salon upstairs.
Bellavista Murals In Santiago

Bellavista Murals in Santiago

The Bellavista district is covered with murals and graffiti as is many other parts of the city. Some great art can be found by just taking a long walk about.
Cafe Haiti

Cafe Haiti

I had a cortada doble at Cafe Haiti. This fine establishment is a part of the coffee culture in Santiago known as “coffee with legs” or “cafe con piernas”.
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