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Ocean Beach | San Francisco, California

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is a perfect, usually overcast, escape from the city.
Metal T-Shirts | Montreal, Canada

Metal T-Shirts

A couple of fun t-shirts from the Heavy Montreal festival in Montreal.
Bondi Beach | Sydney, Australia

Bondi Beach

A couple moments from a chilly stroll through Bondi Beach.
Dreaming Of Varanasi | Varanasi, India

Dreaming of Varanasi

Planning to revisit India at the end of the year. Got me to thinking about that one magical time in Varanasi in 2011.
Chandni Chowk | New Delhi, India

India on My Mind

Think of getting back to India soon. Looking at moments from my first trip there in 2011 for inspiration. Above is the spice market in New Delhi.
Havana Deco | Havana, Cuba

Havana Deco

Deco and color abound in Havana. A feast for the eye.
In Cars | Havana, Cuba

In Cars

Probably not a stock color but I love the lavender coat.
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