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Coney Island Dog At American Coney Island | Detroit, Michigan

American Coney Island

Coney Island style restaurants are definitely a thing in Detroit. Chose American Coney Island to get mine.
Tacos At Taqueria El Rey | Detroit, Michigan

Taqueria El Rey

I love taquerias and El Rey is great. My favorite was the chorizo taco.
Pepperoni Pizza At Supino's | Detroit, Michigan

Supino’s Pizza

So good I wolfed down the entire 12-inch thin crust pie in one sitting.
Letterpress At Signal-Return Studio | Detroit, Michigan

Signal-Return Studio

A huge space which centers on everything having to do with the fine art of letterpress.
Tacos At Taqueria Lupitas | Detroit, Michigan

Taqueria Lupitas

There is a lot of Mexican food in Detroit so when I came I had to find some tacos.
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