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Reichstag | Berlin, Germany


The Reichstag building is famous for it's dome which yields a 360-degree view of Berlin.
Markthalle Neun | Berlin, Germany

Markthalle Neun

I caught Markthalle Neun on "Street Food Thursday" which takes place from 5:00-10:00pm. A couple of the goodies inside...
Stadtischer Friedhof III Graveyard | Berlin, Germany

Stadtischer Friedhof III Graveyard

Stadtischer Friedhof III Graveyard is located in the Friedenau district. I went to visit the graves of Marlene Dietrich and Helmut Newton.
Curry 36 | Berlin, Germany

Curry 36

Cheap, Fast, Tasty. Currywurst is also THE fast food in Berlin. Even better with a cold Beck's. I went to Curry 36 for my fix.
Barbie Deinhoff's | Berlin, Germany


I didn't make it to Berghain (my trip didn't fall on the weekend) but I did check out the scene at a few other places in the hip hood of Kreuzberg.
Burgermeister | Berlin, Germany


It's housed in what used to be a public toilet. But don't be deterred. The burger and fries are delicious.
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