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Lee Hong Kee At Tiong Bahru

Lee Hong Kee at Tiong Bahru

The general approach for travelers winging it in Singapore hawker centers is to just jump in the longest queue.
Okonomiyaki At Fukutaro

Okonomiyaki at Fukutaro

An eggy pancake loaded with cabbage and in this case thinly sliced pork belly, prawns and octopus.
Ramen At Ichiran In Dotonburi

Ramen at Ichiran in Dotonburi

Enjoy the little private booth you sit in with the red light which made the whole experience feel a little seedy in a good way.
Nishin Soba At Honke Owariya

Nishin Soba at Honke Owariya

Honke Owariya has been in business since 1465. It was originally opened as a confection shop but over time started with more offerings.
Ramen Sen No Kaze

Ramen Sen No Kaze

The dinner set came with a bowl of spicy ramen, pork gyoza, cabbage slaw and a carafe of sake.
Eating Up Nishiki Market

Eating up Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market has lots of edible things to enjoy: oysters, local pickles, candied, dried shellfish.
Sushi Daiwa

Sushi Daiwa

I gorged on a small omakase that included uni and maguro - both being parts of a balanced breakfast.
Dumpling Crawl In San Gabriel Valley

Dumpling Crawl in San Gabriel Valley

I only made it to three restaurants because I was so full. But my gut's impossible expansion was an acceptable side effect given how delicious it all was.
Siam I Am

Siam I Am

I sampled a few Thai places while I was in Sydney and Siam I Am was definitely the one that stood out.
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