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El Rincon De Pancho | Valparaiso, Chile

El Rincon de Pancho

This was the best meal of my trip to Chile. I found it in El Rincon de Pancho which is on the second floor food court of El Mercado Cardonal.
Around Valparaiso

Around Valparaiso

A few shots from walks to the harbor and views I found around Valparaiso.
Mastodonte | Valparaiso, Chile


The place is cool. Decorated with busts of prehistoric animals and Jurassic-type vegetation.
Panchito | Valparaiso, Chile


Another take on the Lomito Italiano at Panchito in Valparaiso.
Valparaiso Colors

Colors of Valparaiso

Valparaiso has it’s rough and more run-down areas but on just about any walk the colors of the city really shine.
Guria | Valparaiso, Chile


I was on my way to Empanadas Famosas when Guria caught my eye.
Cementario Valparaiso

Cementerios of Valparaiso

It’s a bit of a hike to get to the series of cemeteries at the top of Cerro Panteon but it is worth it.
Valparaiso Street Murals

Valparaiso Street Murals

I did not expect to see as much street art as I did in Valparaiso. The whole city is a canvas displaying the highest caliber of graffiti and murals.
Galindo | Santiago, Chile


Galindo is a laid back and casual spot to try out traditional Chilean food.
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