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Ichiju Sansai Set For Breakfast Featuring Mackerel, Runny Egg And Pickles At Okonomi | Brooklyn, New York

Breakfast in Brooklyn

Okonomi helps to break the monotony of an egg sandwich every morning with their ichiju sansai set.
Prawn Mee At Blanco Court | Singapore

Blanco Court Prawn Mee

Blanco Court is next to the Sultan Mosque and is where I had an early breakfast two of the mornings in Singapore.
Fresh Tuna For Breakfast At Daiwa Sushi | Tokyo, Japan

Sushi Daiwa

I gorged on a small omakase that included uni and maguro - both being parts of a balanced breakfast.
Eddie's Cafe | San Francisco, California

Eddie’s Cafe

San Francisco equals home to me and Eddie's Cafe is one of those joints that is emblematic of that feeling.
Chloe's | San Francisco, California


The best breakfast in town. I try to go every time I am in San Francisco.
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