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SYD Airport | Sydney, Australia


The view from Terminal 3 at dawn.
Opera Bar | Sydney, Australia

Opera Bar

You'll have to fight the seagulls but you can grab a drink with sweeping views of Downtown, Harbour Bridge and The Opera House.
Bondi Beach | Sydney, Australia

Bondi Beach

A couple moments from a chilly stroll through Bondi Beach.
Siam I Am | Sydney, Australia

Siam I Am

I sampled a few Thai places while I was in Sydney and Siam I Am was definitely the one that stood out.
Olympic Pools Of Sydney | Sydney, Australia

Olympic Pools of Sydney

Sydney is a mecca for Olympic length pools. As a huge swimmer that means it is paradise. Here are four of my favorite swims from Sydney.
Sydney Opera House | Sydney, Australia

Sydney Opera House

Jørn Utzon's masterpiece. It's scale and details are much more impressive in person.
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